My Blog Audit.

My blog audit is very good. I have written 8 posts in my time as a “blogger” and I will most likely plan to write more. These posts were mostly because of my class that I have to do, but a couple of them were free posts. For example my #WengerOut post was a free post and I chose to write it. I think that it is probably my best post. I did get a lot of feedback for it and I got great marks for it. All my blog posts that I have written have all been fairly proper and have had positive feedback.

Pretty much all my blogs have either been school related or written because of the Student Blogging Challenge. I do enjoy writing for the blogging challenge because they give you a lot of options to write about. The only post that I wrote that was for class was my connected or alone blog post and even it wasn’t entirely for class. The video was meant and given by the Student blogging challenge.

I really did enjoy doing my blogs and I think this blog post really helps people understand about my blogs. I have received 17 comments in total on my blog. I have had a lot of feedback from other people I personally don’t know. My racism post, even though it was given as a student blogging challenge challenge, I got the most feedback for that post because it relates to about everyone in the world. The post I enjoyed writing the most was my #WengerOut blog. It was really enjoyable because I have a passion for soccer so I was very happy to know that I had a chance to write about what I really enjoy.

My blogroll has about 7 student and I do not think any of them are from overseas. Most if them are from the United States. I did this on purpose mostly because I really just want to help people “locally” and not from around the world. Once my blog site get more well known and starts receiving more reads and comments, then I think I will put overseas bloggers on my blogroll.

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Today my post is about Arsenal and their recent struggle in the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League. English Premier League or EPL for short is the top division in English football. They are currently in 5th position and will provably drop even more. UEFA Champions League is the biggest and most anticipated tournament of the year with teams from across Europe competing for the title. Arsenal however was in but after the first game was doomed for knockout. They played German giants Bayern Munchen in the Round of 16 and lost terribly on both occasions with the final score of both legs coming to 10-2 on the aggregate score.skysports-mesut-ozil-douglas-costa-arsenal-bayern-munich-champions-league_3851107.jpg It was very devastating for Arsenal fans this season and many believe that current manager Arsene Wenger is to blame. He has had the team in a huge slump lately and they just can not seem to bounce back. In the FA Cup quarter final Arsenal played Lincoln City FC. Even though Arsenal won they played like garbage. I have to bash Aaron Ramsey. Come on bruv, you played terrible mate. Now that Arsenal have gone through to the semi- final in the Fa Cup, they will play English football giants, Manchester City. Last time they faced each other and they came out in a tie. Arsenal really needs to start playing well because no one will want to go out like this. Arsenal’s top players like Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil and Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain are hinting that they want to part ways with the club. Many people who are die hard Arsenal fans do not want to see them go out like this. Arsenal has always been a top 4 team, but are now in sixth place and bound to drop even furtheralia.jpg


Arsene Wenger has helped Arsenal a lot in the time he has been here. He has won the league, FA Cup and done so many things to help Arsenal. Arsenal is in a losing slump an I believe that Arsene Wenger has a lot to do with it. He has had the team in a downward spiral. Arsene should leave Arsenal and keep his legacy. I appreciate what he has done for Arsenal and if he wants to keep it that way he should leave. Arsenal fans respect him and what he has done for the club but he needs to go. 

I am an Arsenal fan and I am very devastated to see Arsenal on a big losing streak. They are losing to teams that they should destroy. Arsenal just lost to Crystal Palace FC 3-0. Crystal Palace FC is currently in 16th place in the Premier league and they just destroyed Arsenal. That is very sad for Arsenal. That should never happen no matter what. Hopefully Arsenal can bounce back in the next couple of seasons and come back to who they were before, but for now I am still #WengerOut.

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Are We Not All Equal?

Racism is huge in our world today. People are being oppressed because of their skin colour. They can not live in peace. So many people across the world have to fear that they might be killed or tortured because of their appearance. Every human being was created the same and we should have respect and love for everyone. No one should fear going outside or travelling across the world because of how they look. Something is wrong when a black man can not live in peace without having to worry about what might happen if they meet someone who is a racist. If you can live safe with everyone respecting who you are, the world would be perfect. Society needs to understand that racism is what divides us and wrecks the unity and peace we need to have in this world.

Islam is a religion of peace. Before Islam so many people use to have slaves. People used to sell, trade, and buy slaves like they were animals. When Islam came and Prophet Muhammad[PBUH] abolished that in his land, people who followed him started to understand that everyone is equal. Islam abolishes racism and it shows and teaches that having slaves and oppressing humans because of their skin colour is terribly wrong. If you did, this you commit a major sin. One of the greatest leaders in the movement for equality amongst people was Minister Malcolm X. He converted to Islam because it taught that there is no divide among human beings and we are all the same. He quoted “America needs to understand Islam because this is the one religion that erases from it’s society the race problem.”  Malcolm X stated that with Islam there is no racism and people will realize they are equal.


If we could abolish racism the world would be much better. Things like wasteful killings and police brutality would not exist anymore because people understand that we are the same. Now in the world people believe racism has been cured but in actuality it is still going strong. Curing racism is one of the toughest things to do, but we have to try.

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Connected And Alone?

Sherrly Turkle really touched on the aspect of being alone but when we are so connected. So many technology users around the world have Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. They look so connected but yet there are so alone. Lots of people, especially gamer’s, they do not even talk to anyone but the people in the game. They use headphones and speak to people they have never met in their life and probably will not. They use this as their means of communication and if they did not have this, they would not be communicating with anyone. Sherry Turkle really put this in perspective and how we are so caught up in technology now that we can not even properly communicate with anyone. She also said in the beginning of her speech how her daughter sent her a message saying good luck. Sherry said that when she sent this, she felt like her daughter was here and giving her a hug. That’s how touched she was.

Some negative effects of social media especially today would be how many people get bullied and depressed because of comments and things that other people will say to them. You have to be aware of what you say and what you post because people will say many negative things that might hit you on a personal level. Also if you are a young adult looking for a job and you have posted or continue to post things that give you a negative reputation, the employer might pass you even if you have all the requirements. Social media is beneficial in some ways but not all the time. You have to know what to post and what not to do because if you make a mistake it will be there forever. The internet is permanent and whatever you post stays forever. Sherry Turkle talked about all of this and it was put into perspective really well in her TedTalk. She did a great job explaining social media to where it is right. If it is appropriate you can post it, but if not you can not. It is good to use social media for things like communicating with one another, but you should not make it your primary source.

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Sentence With Pictures.

See if you can figure it out! Let me know if you did!!

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Arsenal FC

Arsenal FC is a British football club in the English premier leauge. They are currently in 4th position in the leauge. I chose to write about Arsenal because they are my favorite soccer team and also because they have a very rich history. Some of the greatest players ever have played here and I thought it would be a appropriate topic for my post. Arsenal has had players like Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Ian Wright play for them. Arsenal was a very good team most of their career and have had great success. They have the most FA Cup titles as one team with 12 titles. They also have won 13 leauge titles. They are very successful. Arsenal has some of the best players in the world today on their squad. Players such as Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil. Both very top class players. Arsenal also has a very rich history in terms of their stadium and fans. Arsenal fans have been through the best and worst times but still stick with the team. To be an Arsenal fan you have to be very loyal because they will disappoint you sometimes. Emirates stadium is Arsenal’s stadium and it is great. It’s very big and has a great view of the field no matter where you sit. Arsenal is just over all a great club and will have much more success in the years to come.

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Digital Me

My avatar represents me and how I portray myself as a person. I love to live lavish and you can tell by my clothing that I like to dress up fancy. I am also a great soccer player and that is the reason I have a soccer ball at my feet. Well you might be thinking its just an avatar, why do you have to show all of this. Well the reason being that my blog is about me, all my posts relate back to me somehow and if I have a picture that has no relation to my blog, it does not make sense. My avatar represents me and only me, and if my blog does not have any relation to my avatar then it does not have any relation to me. Also when you read something someone has said, you receive a better understanding of what they are trying to say if you have a sense of what they look like. That is why I made an avatar and why it portrays me. You will get a better understanding of what I am trying to say.

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