Connected And Alone?

Sherrly Turkle really touched on the aspect of being alone but when we are so connected. So many technology users around the world have Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. They look so connected but yet there are so alone. Lots of people, especially gamer’s, they do not even talk to anyone but the people in the game. They use headphones and speak to people they have never met in their life and probably will not. They use this as their means of communication and if they did not have this, they would not be communicating with anyone. Sherry Turkle really put this in perspective and how we are so caught up in technology now that we can not even properly communicate with anyone. She also said in the beginning of her speech how her daughter sent her a message saying good luck. Sherry said that when she sent this, she felt like her daughter was here and giving her a hug. That’s how touched she was.

Some negative effects of social media especially today would be how many people get bullied and depressed because of comments and things that other people will say to them. You have to be aware of what you say and what you post because people will say many negative things that might hit you on a personal level. Also if you are a young adult looking for a job and you have posted or continue to post things that give you a negative reputation, the employer might pass you even if you have all the requirements. Social media is beneficial in some ways but not all the time. You have to know what to post and what not to do because if you make a mistake it will be there forever. The internet is permanent and whatever you post stays forever. Sherry Turkle talked about all of this and it was put into perspective really well in her TedTalk. She did a great job explaining social media to where it is right. If it is appropriate you can post it, but if not you can not. It is good to use social media for things like communicating with one another, but you should not make it your primary source.

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4 Responses to Connected And Alone?

  1. Hey jamal i really liked your blog, it is great and i liked how you explain us. Great blog post.


  2. hamza says:

    Good post Jamal I have to agree with you i am overly too dependent on technology. Not that i am against technology it’s just that it has some pros and cons overall you did a good post.


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