Are We Not All Equal?

Racism is huge in our world today. People are being oppressed because of their skin colour. They can not live in peace. So many people across the world have to fear that they might be killed or tortured because of their appearance. Every human being was created the same and we should have respect and love for everyone. No one should fear going outside or travelling across the world because of how they look. Something is wrong when a black man can not live in peace without having to worry about what might happen if they meet someone who is a racist. If you can live safe with everyone respecting who you are, the world would be perfect. Society needs to understand that racism is what divides us and wrecks the unity and peace we need to have in this world.

Islam is a religion of peace. Before Islam so many people use to have slaves. People used to sell, trade, and buy slaves like they were animals. When Islam came and Prophet Muhammad[PBUH] abolished that in his land, people who followed him started to understand that everyone is equal. Islam abolishes racism and it shows and teaches that having slaves and oppressing humans because of their skin colour is terribly wrong. If you did, this you commit a major sin. One of the greatest leaders in the movement for equality amongst people was Minister Malcolm X. He converted to Islam because it taught that there is no divide among human beings and we are all the same. He quoted “America needs to understand Islam because this is the one religion that erases from it’s society the race problem.”  Malcolm X stated that with Islam there is no racism and people will realize they are equal.


If we could abolish racism the world would be much better. Things like wasteful killings and police brutality would not exist anymore because people understand that we are the same. Now in the world people believe racism has been cured but in actuality it is still going strong. Curing racism is one of the toughest things to do, but we have to try.

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4 Responses to Are We Not All Equal?

  1. saadshafiq says:

    You did an amazing job on describing you feelings toward the issue. I would only suggest that you should add links and more facts other than your own.


  2. shakblogip10 says:

    That was an amazing blog post, I really liked how you added a video that connected to your topic. Great work and hopefully more to come


  3. Noor says:

    I love this post! Racism and Islamaphobia are both big topics that no one likes to adress. I am glad you are rising awareness. I love the addition with Malcolm X, most people do not know he was Muslim himself and went to Mecca, SA. Check out my blog!


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