Today my post is about Arsenal and their recent struggle in the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League. English Premier League or EPL for short is the top division in English football. They are currently in 5th position and will provably drop even more. UEFA Champions League is the biggest and most anticipated tournament of the year with teams from across Europe competing for the title. Arsenal however was in but after the first game was doomed for knockout. They played German giants Bayern Munchen in the Round of 16 and lost terribly on both occasions with the final score of both legs coming to 10-2 on the aggregate score.skysports-mesut-ozil-douglas-costa-arsenal-bayern-munich-champions-league_3851107.jpg It was very devastating for Arsenal fans this season and many believe that current manager Arsene Wenger is to blame. He has had the team in a huge slump lately and they just can not seem to bounce back. In the FA Cup quarter final Arsenal played Lincoln City FC. Even though Arsenal won they played like garbage. I have to bash Aaron Ramsey. Come on bruv, you played terrible mate. Now that Arsenal have gone through to the semi- final in the Fa Cup, they will play English football giants, Manchester City. Last time they faced each other and they came out in a tie. Arsenal really needs to start playing well because no one will want to go out like this. Arsenal’s top players like Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil and Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain are hinting that they want to part ways with the club. Many people who are die hard Arsenal fans do not want to see them go out like this. Arsenal has always been a top 4 team, but are now in sixth place and bound to drop even furtheralia.jpg


Arsene Wenger has helped Arsenal a lot in the time he has been here. He has won the league, FA Cup and done so many things to help Arsenal. Arsenal is in a losing slump an I believe that Arsene Wenger has a lot to do with it. He has had the team in a downward spiral. Arsene should leave Arsenal and keep his legacy. I appreciate what he has done for Arsenal and if he wants to keep it that way he should leave. Arsenal fans respect him and what he has done for the club but he needs to go. 

I am an Arsenal fan and I am very devastated to see Arsenal on a big losing streak. They are losing to teams that they should destroy. Arsenal just lost to Crystal Palace FC 3-0. Crystal Palace FC is currently in 16th place in the Premier league and they just destroyed Arsenal. That is very sad for Arsenal. That should never happen no matter what. Hopefully Arsenal can bounce back in the next couple of seasons and come back to who they were before, but for now I am still #WengerOut.

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One Response to #WengerOut

  1. ashleypmurray says:

    This post is a big improvement Jamal! The information and links you provided are varied and interesting. Sounds like the team is having a very challenging season.


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