My Blog Audit.

My blog audit is very good. I have written 8 posts in my time as a “blogger” and I will most likely plan to write more. These posts were mostly because of my class that I have to do, but a couple of them were free posts. For example my #WengerOut post was a free post and I chose to write it. I think that it is probably my best post. I did get a lot of feedback for it and I got great marks for it. All my blog posts that I have written have all been fairly proper and have had positive feedback.

Pretty much all my blogs have either been school related or written because of the Student Blogging Challenge. I do enjoy writing for the blogging challenge because they give you a lot of options to write about. The only post that I wrote that was for class was my connected or alone blog post and even it wasn’t entirely for class. The video was meant and given by the Student blogging challenge.

I really did enjoy doing my blogs and I think this blog post really helps people understand about my blogs. I have received 17 comments in total on my blog. I have had a lot of feedback from other people I personally don’t know. My racism post, even though it was given as a student blogging challenge challenge, I got the most feedback for that post because it relates to about everyone in the world. The post I enjoyed writing the most was my #WengerOut blog. It was really enjoyable because I have a passion for soccer so I was very happy to know that I had a chance to write about what I really enjoy.

My blogroll has about 7 student and I do not think any of them are from overseas. Most if them are from the United States. I did this on purpose mostly because I really just want to help people “locally” and not from around the world. Once my blog site get more well known and starts receiving more reads and comments, then I think I will put overseas bloggers on my blogroll.

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One Response to My Blog Audit.

  1. ashleypmurray says:

    This was a pretty good post but added media and links would have made it much better.


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