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My Blog Audit.

My blog audit is very good. I have written 8 posts in my time as a “blogger” and I will most likely plan to write more. These posts were mostly because of my class that I have to do, but … Continue reading

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Today my post is about Arsenal and their recent struggle in the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League. English Premier League or EPL for short is the top division in English football. They are currently in 5th position and … Continue reading

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Are We Not All Equal?

Racism is huge in our world today. People are being oppressed because of their skin colour. They can not live in peace. So many people across the world have to fear that they might be killed or tortured because of … Continue reading

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Connected And Alone?

Sherrly Turkle really touched on the aspect of being alone but when we are so connected. So many technology users around the world have Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. They look so connected but yet there are so alone. Lots … Continue reading

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Sentence With Pictures.

See if you can figure it out! Let me know if you did!!

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Arsenal FC

Arsenal FC is a British football club in the English premier leauge. They are currently in 4th position in the leauge. I chose to write about Arsenal because they are my favorite soccer team and also because they have a … Continue reading

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Digital Me

My avatar represents me and how I portray myself as a person. I love to live lavish and you can tell by my clothing that I like to dress up fancy. I am also a great soccer player and that … Continue reading

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