Good Comments and Bad Comments

Good comments and Bad comments. When you blog publicl there is a chance you will receive comments. People will see your post and might want to say something about it. But what if the comment is spam? Do you reply to it? First of all how do you know? If a comment is spam, it will be something like “love your post been looking for one like this for a while.” Well… ok but that comment doesn’t seem real. A good comment would be something coming from a business or constructive criticism from someone you can kind of tell is real. For example “I really enjoyed your post but I think next time you could add a little more links and maybe show two more pictures or so.” This comment is good because the person seems logical and the comment seems like something someone would actually say. You can also tell if a comment is good or bad by checking the person’s profile. If they have no picture, zero followers and user name is something like poodle lover56789, then it is safe to say it is fake. Bad comments are spam and are not good for your blog. If you reply to these comments they can keep coming in. That is the reason for knowing the difference of spam and comments that are useful and user safe for you and your blog.

Good comments

  • Make sense
  • Profile looks trustworthy
  • From a business or organization
  • Not a lot of similar comments.

Bad comments

  • Profile looks fake
  • Comment has no logic
  • Similar comments
  • Profile name is not professional
  • A reply to every comment

These are just some ways of telling between spam comments and user friendly comments. Hopefully you got some insight on what is user friendly and what is not

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Me on technology.

This year I am in Technology 9. I don’t think I am that great with it but I can do it. I think this will help me be better with using computers, phones. laptops everything. I will be able to use these devices easily and know how to use. I kind of panic when I don’t know how to use it because I look pretty slow. I will post pictures with different types of Technology so you can get a feel about. Technology is something we are very dependent on it. We rely on it to look up directions, find meanings of words. What happened to dictionary’s? We get so attached we have to distance away. Creative Commons will help me post pictures, so I don’t have to pay. Playstation 4 is a great use of technology. It is just like a computer and it is great for gaming. Great graphics and great sound quality, while using Playstation 4 greatness awaits.

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